David Walden

New Zealand based, South Africa born, Earth travelled. BASE jumper, climber, risk taker, and human being.

Breathe in... smell the wet moss and morning mist. Breathe out... feel the aching legs and pounding heart. Reach out... touch the wilderness.

I love this place, these hills and mountains, these forests, rocks and snow. This air to fly through. I belong here. I love the friends here with me.

What a privilege to be alive right now. Our lives are golden, and we can fill them with so much magic.

I find magic in the wild places.

Speed Monkey project

Wingsuit BASE jumpers are amazing. We rocket down mountain-sides with precision, speed and power. We train by skydiving. We have the skills, we know the air, we feel our speed, we are birds.

Errrr... no. We are mistake-making human beings. Sadly a number of us, some novice, some experienced, die every year precisely because we, who should know better, sometimes fly too slowly. It's a common theme on The List.

The Speed Monkey project is an attempt to create a tool to help me (and others) avoid this situation. Its a helmet-mounted LED speed indicator, an idea that's been tried with varying success by a handful of other jumpers. My goal is to refine it to a point where its as useful as possible, and accessible to anyone. Let's see if I get there...

Learn more about it here.

One Way Ticket · Cracked
One Way Ticket · We Are Waiting

Other music I have produced is on Soundcloud.



Spellbound, the spirit flies
The laws of nature he defies
Hypnotic earth that rushes past
That stills the mind and fills the heart

A fool he seems with birdy brain
Much to lose but much to gain
'cos when he views the world from here
His place in life becomes quite clear

Power of flight, power of speed
The very force of life perceived
Fly shadow fly on wings delight
Light in dark and dark on light



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